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AI for Cybersecurity

Our Team get a lot of questions these days regarding AI. We also hear from many small business owners that say AI does not really impact them right now…. Maybe once it is more mature….

Just to set the record straight, AI is impacting every one of our clients right now, whether they know it or not. The bad guys leverage AI to find new creative ways to access your networks and data while we leverage AI tools to block those threats 247.

Email Phishing – Threat actors are using AI to develop personal profiles of you and your team and then generate targeted and detailed spam messages for the individuals.
We are working with spam filtering services that recognize patterns in these messages and strive to block out the bad messages. Each time our filters adjust, the bad-guy AI adjusts as well, so it is a continuous battle to keep up and recognize the new patterns.

Direct Network Attacks – Our antivirus protection and firewalls are designed to read inbound and outbound traffic looking for code blocks that are known malware. Threat actors are using AI to constantly change those code blocks incrementally every day to get around the protection services. We use AI tools that look for code patterns and also continuously update to catch the new threats before they can harm your system. It is a continuous battle of AI vs AI going on with 100’s of thousands of probes and rejections each week at almost every customer. Without these safeguards in place, most computers and networks will be compromised this year.

Incident Detection and Response – We have implemented AI security software at clients using our Blue Line Cyber Shield platform. These tools monitor patterns of activities on client computers and recognize when something seems “off”. This might include a series of file names changing or being saved that may indicate a ransomware attack, unusual login behavior, or simple connectivity to the machine from an unknown source. Our AI security software can recognize these inconsistencies and quarantine the threat or shut down the computer’s ability to connect to the network – alerting us to the suspicious activities in the process.

If you don’t have active protection, now is the time to get it. The bad guys are using AI to attack your systems, use AI to block the threats.

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