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We have Industry-Focused Technology Expertise

With experience comes know-how. Blue Line’s been helping all kinds of companies with their IT needs for years. Our CEO has a background in business strategy and consulting for firms such as IBM and Accenture. So, we take a more holistic, consultatory approach when we partner with companies for their IT needs.

Over time, our team has developed hard-core expertise in several key industries we’d like to highlight:


At Blue Line Technologies, we understand that the architecture, construction, and engineering (AEC) industry is highly competitive. And today, it’s digitally driven by sophisticated technology. It’s clear that to stay in the game and gain an edge over your competitors you need speed, efficiency, and accurate, secure information sharing. 

Down-time isn’t an option. If your technology fails, you could fail, too.

We know that the prevalence of cloud and mobile technologies enables AEC companies to use connected building information modeling (BIM) and establish automatic collaboration with others involved in the project. Together, IoT (Internet of Things) and connected BIM allow project managers to understand where and how team members are spending their time, help inform maintenance and delivery decisions, and influence future processes.

How Blue Line Can Construct Your Competitive Edge

With all the ongoing AEC technological developments, we recognize that not only do you need continuous access to your computing tools, but you also require maximum speed and reliable, advanced protection against security breaches or cyber-attacks.

At Blue Line, we go way beyond the norm to ensure our AEC clients have all the necessary tools and protections to evolve and progress within the industry.

We offer:

We support an array of software systems, including Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk, Newforma, Bluebeam, MacDraft, and many more.

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Help is On the Way!

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Help is On the Way!

Simply contact us.

We’ll make your day.

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