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About Us

Help is On the Way!

Simply contact us.

We’ll make your day.

Help is On the Way!

Simply contact us.

We’ll make your day.

Who We Are & What We Stand For

At BLUE LINE, we’re in this for people –
our clients, our employees, and our community.

We’re hard-wired to help people get where they want to go, no matter how bumpy their journey may seem. To do that, we’ve carefully crafted a culture of optimistic, conscientious doers. A culture designed to deliver a journey of  ‘smooth sailing’  for the people who call on us for help.

Our Mission

Blue Line exists to advance business performance through secure and accessible technology, unrivaled customer service and the highest levels of support in the industry. 

Tenets We Live By

Our Awards and Recognition

We don’t like to toot our own horn, but our marketing gurus think it’s important to share the accolades that have come our way.

They say it indicates that we just might know what we’re doing.
So here goes…

Our Partnerships

We simply can’t do what we do in a vacuum.

We rely on our collaborative partnerships with other tech companies that help us help you.

Jeff Sagraves

The Pioneer: Bold, Wise, Selfless

Jeff is a natural-born leader and mentor. With over 20 years as a management consultant, he’s a gifted listener and solutions builder. He began his career consulting with Accenture and IBM before leading the global SAP consulting operations at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Jeff’s education includes master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University and Cornell University’s Leadership Program. 

And if all that isn’t enough, Jeff coaches women’s lacrosse at Weddington High School, is currently on the NC State Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Alumni Advisory board and has served on multiple non-profit boards including the American Red Cross and the Union County Symphony Orchestra.


The Virtuoso: Brilliant, Insightful, Architect

Randall is an intellectual wonder. His extensive career in technology provides him with the depth of information to know great from less-than-ideal solutions. A network architect, a mastermind of tech design, Randall helps build networks and environments that foster the best parts of what technology has to offer. And the best part about Randall? He plays a mean bass guitar.


The Sheriff: Smart, Stealthy, Determined

Tim helps people sleep better at night. He makes sure our clients’ technology and data are safe from the cyber bad guys. Tim holds degrees in computer and network security as well as advanced degrees in cybersecurity. He has been in the cybersecurity industry for over 15 years and consistently continues his education to make sure that Blue Line and their clients are at the forefront of the ever-increasing and changing threat landscape. Tim’s an enigma of sorts. He’s challenged us to figure out which one of the following is not true: Tim holds certifications in martial arts, Tim went to flight school, or Tim was an amateur sponsored race car driver.


The Genius: Gregarious, Hospitable, Dependable

Gill is a geek – about all things Apple, that is. Full of energy and an eagerness to help others, he’s been instrumental in making Blue Line the most referred Apple Consulting partner in the Southeast. He has held Apple hardware and software certifications for 30 years and spent time working for Apple as a Genius. 

But his acumen doesn’t stop with Apple. Gill has also worked for other technology companies on a variety of electronic products and services. It’s this experience that gives Blue Line the unique ability to make Apple and Windows products work seamlessly together on the same network.


The Microprocessor: Dynamic, Multi-Faceted, Optimistic

Steve’s brain is like a microprocessor – especially when it comes to all things Microsoft. Always eager and optimistic, he artfully helps Blue Line customers with navigating any Microsoft system or product. His Microsoft mastery was gained throughout his 30-year career in the computer industry. His experience includes work with companies like Yahoo! (as a Systems Administrator) and Microsoft (as a Cloud Migration Expert), and he owned a computer consulting business in Montana before relocating to the Carolinas. Steve also claims he can solve the Rubik’s Cube – behind his back.


Tireless, Efficient, Intuitive

Getting stuff done, simply put, is what Scott does.  Working behind the scenes to keep the engine running smoothly, tires rotated, and gas in the tank.  Scott brings with him, years of experience in the MSP industry, able to navigate and conquer the client services landscape. 


The Purse-Strings: Persistent, Meticulous, Considerate

Melanie’s like a dog with a bone. Especially when it comes to managing money. She has a passion for digging into details and organizing processes to achieve profitability and efficiency. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business management from SUNY Empire State College, Melanie brings over 25 years’ experience in financial and human resources. Her impressive career spans a variety of industries including IT, architecture, property management, and economic development. A real team player, Melanie is willing to roll up her sleeves and help wherever it’s needed. When she’s not making music with our financials, Melanie makes music as a violinist with the Lake Norman Orchestra. She also teaches violin at the Ludmila European Music & Art Academy and at the Lake Norman Music School.

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