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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

As cyber crime becomes more advanced, it’s important for employees to be aware of, and how to identify, suspicious emails. Luckily, we offer Security Awareness Training, a tool for educating employees about cyber security. Our Security Awareness Training provides spam testing, phishing testing and gives users the necessary information about computer policies and working with IT.

The best defense to your organization is an informed and trained workforce. Security solutions are designed to protect your company and its assets, but a single point of failure is most often a user. We’ve teamed up with industry experts to provide a security awareness training (SAT) solution that provides ongoing training for your existing team members and on-boarding training for new members of the team. Through exercises and creative reinforcement, we can help your team be more informed about using technology correctly and know what to look for in malicious attacks that occur daily in today’s cyber driven world.

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