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Email Spam Filtering

Email Spam Filtering

  • Email security uses different methods to ensure that accounts and data stay safe from hackers.
  • Email is often used as a vessel to spread malware, spam, and phishing attacks; it is also a common avenue for hackers looking to gain access to an organization’s network and valuable data.
  • Spam filters detect these things; specifically looking out for unsolicited and virus-ridden emails and inhibit them from finding their way into email inboxes.

Our email spam filtering services include several layers of protection, bi-directional filtering, customizable solutions, optional email encryption and compliance retention.

In cybersecurity, anytime we can layer protection, things are more secure. Email security is no different. We are not only able to find malicious attachments by scanning for malware and viruses, but also utilize sender policy framework (SPF) to help limit spoofing attacks. In addition, we can create customized policies to block specific domains, email addresses, types of messages, and more.

With our bi-directional filtering, we not only look for inbound messages that violate the policies and security settings in place, but also look for outbound messages. The reason outbound filtering is so important is that it can help limit a compromised email account from sending out malicious messages, saving your company embarrassment and being a good steward to protect those in your address book. Additionally, policies can be set to help limit what information can leave via email, such as limiting users from sending credit card information or social security numbers, which are generally unsafe to do and risk to your organization.

Email encryption is no longer a want, but a need for most organizations. Having the ability to securely send information can not only protect you, but it can help protect the information your clients send back to you. Utilizing email encryption technologies don’t have to be complicated. That’s why the solutions we’ve implemented can be easily configured and used by your teams.

Email compliance retention can serve you in multiple ways. Not only will it help your organization meet requirements of your respective industries, but it can also be a valuable tool when an email is accidentally or maliciously deleted.

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