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Email Phishing Testing

Our email security protects your email account by adding complex passwords, multi-factor authentication, & anti-virus protection.

Email Phishing Testing

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to gather confidential information or data, such as login credentials & credit card details by disguising themselves as someone you trust. Phishing attempts are often made through email. Email phishing testing is a beneficial way an organization can gather data on which of their staff have been baited by clicking on phishing email links. Ask one of our experts about how your business can benefit from our email phishing testing.

Paired with our security awareness training (SAT) solution, we are able to gather information through real tests on your email spam system and staff to find ways to create a safer environment. Using customizable and targeted phishing testing solutions, we can help gain valuable insight into potential vulnerabilities within your company. Through this gathered information we are able to immediately provide quick help guides and graphics to help bridge the gap between a risky user and a well-informed user.

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