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Blue Line Recycling Program

Protecting your data, saving the planet

Every year, tons of unwanted or obsolete electronics get tossed into area landfills. We began to notice that many of our customers had storage areas in their offices that were set aside for old computers, batteries, keyboards, and miscellaneous equipment.  Many of them were concerned with throwing out old servers and PC’s, with a fear that their data could be compromised.

Here’s where found a solution.


How our program works

We have developed a Recycling Program to remove any unwanted IT equipment from our customers.  First, we bring the equipment into our offices and destroy all of the hard drives from old computers.  Then, a local E-Waste firm we partner with comes in and removes the unwanted equipment each month. After clearing it out, they take it back to their facilities for dismantling and recycling.  Less than 2% ends up in landfills.

We are now averaging over 1 ton of equipment recycled each month… and its all free for our customers.

Program Recognition

2015 Nominee for Charlotte Mecklenburg Wipe Out Waste Ambassador Program

2015 Official partner of the Catawba County Commercial Recycling and Waste Reduction Partnership Program

Blue Line Technologies: Recycling Program


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