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Managed IT Services for Health Care Providers

We understand your focus should be on providing quality patient care and managing your practice, not your technology

The Value of Blue Line for Health Care Providers

There is perhaps no single industry more impacted by technology changes than the healthcare field.  Whether it is cloud based medical records, high volume data storage, or sophisticated diagnostics, healthcare professionals are inundated with a changing technology landscape and need a partner they can trust and depend on.

There is a time when trying to manage the practice’s technology internally becomes an unnecessary burden.  Blue Line sets up networks to pass the most rigorous HIPAA and PCI security audits while managing the costs associated with the latest platforms.   Our staff is familiar with multiple EMR platforms, tablets, encryption, HIPAA regulations, and migrations from paper to an electronic based industry.

Blue Line provides the guidance and resources that allow you to implement advanced healthcare in a secure, compliant, and dynamic environment that works for you and your patients.

  • Increase the Performance of your EMR & EHR medical applications and systems
  • Comply with the latest regulations and requirements
  • Decrease overall risk of a security breach with preventative measures and monitoring set in place
  • Increase staff members’ productivity so they can focus on patients and core business practices


Contact us today to speak directly with one of our healthcare support specialists at 704-542-1514 or send an email to info@bluelti.com.



Let us help you with:

  • HIPAA Regulation compliance
  • Mobile device integration
  • Support for servers, desktops, phones, and tablets
  • Server backups and data recovery
  • Firewall set up and management
  • Virtual private networks for remote connectivity
  • Risk analysis
  • Migration to EMR platforms
  • Data Storage
  • Secure Wireless Networks
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