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Our email security protects your email account by adding complex passwords, multi-factor authentication, & anti-virus protection.

Email Spam Filtering

It’s important to stop spam as much as you can to protect your network from all of the possible risks. With our email spam filtering; malware, spam, & phishing attacks are detected before ever finding their way into your inbox… leading to a much safer and more productive work environment. 

Email Phishing Testing

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to gather confidential information, or data, such as login credentials & credit card details by disguising themselves as someone you trust. Phishing attempts are often made through email. Email phishing testing is a beneficial way an organization can gather data on which of their staff have been baited by clicking on phishing email links. Ask one of our experts about how your business can benefit from our email phishing testing.

Security Awareness Training

As cyber crime becomes more advanced, it’s important for employees to be aware of, and how to identify, suspicious emails. Luckily, we offer Security Awareness Training, a tool for educating employees about cyber security. Our Security Awareness Training provides spam testing, phishing testing, and gives users the necessary information about corporate policies and working with IT.

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